It is absolutely vital to pass on the message that our planet needs saving. ECO Caraïbes communicates on your behalf with that aim.

Why communication?

At ECO Caraïbes we are passionate about sharing knowledge, about giving a clear message to the public at large, with the aim of making a difference on this planet. We believe it is by touching as many people as possible that we will bring about a positive change.

It is important to communicate clearly around subjects like the protection of the environment. People need to be informed in order to understand and to act.

Communication can take place through different channels:

  • The creation of an event, a campaign around a specific theme
  • Advice on and implementation of actions
  • Press relations: creation of press releases and files, organization of a press conference, drafting of articles, organization of reports etc.
  • Public relations
  • The organization and follow-up of meetings and assemblies
  • The drafting of reports and assessments following up on an event or campaign
  • The creation of publications (printed or electronic) to raise awareness: flyers and posters
  • Photography: photo report of events, photos on the

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